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Your donation helps keep the party moving. And remember, donating your time is often more valuable than cash!
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Thank you so much for considering a donation to the Harris County Green Party! You may donate to us in several ways. You can send money directly to us. You can always bring money to the General Meeting. If you wish to send in a donation, please use the following instructions.

1) Become a sustainer of the Harris County Green Party. All that is needed is to download the authorization form as a PDF file (also below), fill it out, attach a voided check, and mail it to David Wager, 4015 Tartan Ln, Houston, Tx; 77025-2918. You can cancel the authorization at any time by contacting David (Treasurer, 2005-2007). The money will be withdrawn automatically from your account and deposited with the HCGP in the amounts and times that you authorize by a company that is authorized by the Federal Reserve to do it.

There is also a Word Document version of the authorization form. This form can accommodate not only credit card but also bank drafts (debit cards), an update as of March, 2006.

2) Write a check to the Harris County Green Party. Please make the check out to Harris County Green Party. Please send the check in to the following address:

Harris County Green Party
PO BX 271080
Houston, TX 77277-1080

It would help us immensely if you also included a completed donation form. (It also includes ways to donate time.) You can download it in RTF which most word processors recognize: Donate.RTF (45 KB)
Here is the same form as a PDF file: DonationForm.PDF

If you have trouble downloading it or would prefer not to download it, we'd appreciate it if you could simply provide the following information. Please print legibly.

Your Full Name
Your Mailing Address
Your Phone Number
Your E-mail Address
How long you have been with the Green Party?
How did you hear about the Harris County Green Party?
May we add you to our database?


If you are also interested in donating your time, please also include the following information:

Any work groups you may be interested in
How many hours per month you have to volunteer

email: hcgp@txgreens.org

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