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RTF: Rich Text Format, a file type that most word processing programs can open. It also means you should be able to edit the file if you have a word processing program that can open the file. These files have been created using the most common fonts such as Arial in order to be accessible to the most number of people.

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Green Party Materials

On this page you'll find a wealth of Green Party Materials that you can download and use to spread the word about the Green Party and Green issues.


Flyers are good to post at progressive forums, coffee shops, message boards or to use at festivals.
Invest Your Vote
These flyers were used to promote the Green Party in the 2002 Campaign
Invest: Color (PDF)  Invest: BW(PDF)
These flyers were used to promote the HCGP Earth Day
EarthDay_BW (PDF) EarthDay BW #2 (PDF)
EarthDay BW #2 (DOC)  

Push Cards
Pushcards are great to use at festivals or during elections when you spend very little time with your audience. Pushcards are small, to-the-point messages. Pushcards are intended to be printed front and back, 4 to an 8.5" x 11" page. The following are variations that can be mixed and matched as need be.
Green Party Highlights
This is a generic card with the same information on both sides - one side English the other side Spanish.
GP Pushcard.RTF (110 KB) GP Pushcard.PDF (27 KB)
GP Push Gen.AI - Eng. side only (1.43 MB) GP-Push-Gen-Eng.pdf - Eng. side only (150 KB)
GP-Push-Gen-Span.pdf - Spanish side only (144 KB)  
Green Party GLBT
This is a card that quotes the Green Party platform position on gay/lesbian/transgender issue. Usually used with the GP_Push_Gen above.
GP Push GLBT.AI (1.16 MB) GP-Push-GBLT.pdf (160 KB)
Green Party Independence from Corporate Rule
This is a card that talks about the Green Party position on independence from corporate rule. Usually used with the GP_Push_Gen above.
GP-Push-Independence.pdf (144 KB)  
Green Party Fair Trade & Workers Rights
This is a card that talks about Fair Trade & Workers Rights (good for Labor Day). Usually used with the GP_Push_Gen above.
HCGP-Union-Pushcard.PDF (33 KB) HCGP-Union-Pushcard.RTF (113 KB)
Green Party Peace
This is a card that talks about GP stand on Peace. Usually used with the GP_Push_Gen above.
HCGP-Peace-Pushcard.PDF (34 KB) HCGP-Peace-Pushcard.RTF (115 KB)
Grassroots Campaign Skillshare 2005: HCGP-CampaignSkillshare2005_Art1.rtf (334 KB; includes a little clip-art as of 11 July 2005)

These documents will be helpful in running Green meetings.
Facilitated Meetings (Consensus) Consensus/Facilitated Meetings
J.D. Porter jdporter@tpoint.net 512-708-9872
Steering Committee Agenda Template Agendas and Minutes of past Steering Committee meetings
General Meeting Agenda Template, 2014 Agendas and Minutes of past General Membership Meetings
General Meeting Introduction  
Co-Chair Ballot (IRV) use this form as a ballot when electing new co-chairs (uses IRV method)
New Member Packet use this packet for New Members. (May need to be updated)

These documents will be helpful in spreading the word: blockwalking, phonebanking, leafletting
Blockwalk Sign In Sheet blockwalk coordinators should use this sheet as people sign up or sign in to blockwalk
Blockwalk Address Sheet blockwalkers should use this sheet to keep track of which residences they have visited and the results at that residence
Personal Information Sheet use this form when talking to people on the phone or in person and taking or updating personal data
Blockwalk Tally Sheet blockwalkers should use this sheet to tally their efforts
Blockwalk Master Tally sheet blockwalk coordinators should use this sheet after a blockwalk to add up the results
Harris County and Texas Candidates 2002 Flyer (doc) flyer for use in 2002 campaign with a brief bio on each candidate

Additional Materials
GPTX Letterhead -- adapt this for your local campaign
(thanks again to Nathalie)
HCGP Letterhead (February, 2004)
Peace Quotes
This is a collection of quotes about peace and is meant to be printed double-sided on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets
Peacequotes.PDF (25 KB) Peacequotes.RTF (22 KB) 


expenses for volunteers: procedure and form

Please review these procedures BEFORE you spend money on behalf of us all. We do believe that this approval process will be relatively painless; if you have suggestions for improvement, we encourage you to help implement them. Once you make the expense, be sure to save your receipts, download / fill out / turn in the expense form.

Download the Expense Procedure:
- RTF (14 KB) -- if you click MB1 you get new window; it may be easier to click MB3 (right mouse button) and save a fairly generic file to your hard drive. Unless you're unix or mac, in which case, try this:
- newly restored PDF file.

Download the Expense Form:
- XLS (28 KB)
- another newly restored PDF file.

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